Traffic Access
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From JR Nagasaki Station
Street Car : (Get on) For Akasako
(Get off) "Daigaku-byoin Mae" Eught minutes walk from the Car stop
Nagasaki Bus : Rout No.8
(Get on) For Shimooohashi by way of the Igakubu
(Get off) "Daigaku-byoin Mae" One minute walk from the bus stop
From JR Urakami Station (B)
Nagasaki Bus
'Genkikun' :
(Get on)
For Daigaku-byoin by way of the Sakamoto-machi
or For Oohashi by way of the Matsuyama-machi
(Get off) "Daigaku-byoin Genkan Mae" or "Shigakubu Genkan Mae"
From Nagasaki Airport
Limosuine Bus : (Get on) For Nagasaki Station
(Get off) "Nagasaki Eki Mae" Continue to (B).
Campus Map
Campus Map