Selection Process
For all three Divisions, for the general applicants, the selection process will be divided into two stages.  All applicants are expected to have taken the National Center Test for University Admissions.
For all three Divisions, there will be a separate selection process for those applicants who are “highly recommended” by their high school principals and senior applicants, who do not come straight from the high school but have been a part of the work force for some time.
For more details, please refer to the Guideline for Applicants.

Divisions Capacity General applicants


 wishing a transfer
to the 3rd year
Nursing 70 48 10 10 2 10
Physical therapy 18 10 5 2 1 2
Occupational therapy 18 10 5 2 1 2
How to request for the Guideline for Applicants
You may either visit the University or request via the following:
  1. By post
    Please send us a self-addressed envelope (type 2, 33cm x 24cm) with a 400 yen stamp to the address below.

  2. By courier
    Please call us on the number below to make the arrangement, and then fax us with your name, address, contact number, title(s) of the courses of your interest, and how many guidelines you wish to have.  You will be asked to pay for the courier cost upon delivery (approx. 1000 yen)

    Contact details for applications by post and courier
    Nagasaki University, Office of Admission
    1-14 Bunkyo, Nagasaki-city 852-8521, Japan
    Tel.  095-819-2111 Fax. 095-819-2112

  3. At your local post office in Japan (service available from November)
    General applicants may also request for the Guideline at their local post office.  Please ask your local post office staff for more information.

  4. Via Nagasaki University HP
    You may request the Guideline via internet.  For details, please see the site below.

Expected dates of announcement for applications for 2016        
Types of applicants Expected date of announcement
General applicants End of November 2016
“Highly-recommended” applicants Beginning of September 2016
Senior applicants Beginning of September 2016
Applicants wishing a transfer to the 3rd year End of May 2016