Introducing the Departments Under the Unit of Rehabilitation Sciences
Department of Locomotive Rehabilitation Science

Minoru Okita, Professor Tomoki Origuchi, Professor
Hironobu Koseki
, Professor Katsuya Sato, Professor
  1. Experimental research on immobilization-induced degenerative change of
    musculoskeletal tissues
  2. Research and development in rehabilitation for musculoskeletal diseases
  3. Research and development in rehabilitation for rheumatoid arthritis
  4. Kinematic analysis and research of arthroplasty for gonarthrosis
  5. Microstructure analysis and strength measurement of disuse bone atrophy
  6. Joint kinetic analysis of wrist and ankle
Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Science

Goro Tanaka, Professor Hideyuki Nakane, Professor
  1. Research on mental disorders within primary care
  2. Research on effects of traumatic stress and treatment strategy
  3. Research on public and self-stigma
  4. Research on care burden of family caregivers
Department of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Science

Ryo Kozu, Professor Terumitsu Sawai, Professor
Yuji Ishimatsu, Professor Misako Higashijima, Professor
  1. Clinical research on effects of rehabilitation for patients with acute and chronic pulmonary and cardiac problems
  2. Epidemiological studies on early detection and prevention of disease progression in COPD
  3. Physiologic and clinical research on development of evaluation methods for cardiopulmonary rehabilitation
  4. Study on evaluation method of eating dysphagia
Department of Community-based Rehabilitation Sciences

Mayumi Ohnishi, Professor Sumihisa Honda, Professor Toshio Higashi, Professor
  1. Research on community rehabilitation
  2. Research on rehabilitation for the disabled
  3. Research in improving the health of people living under disadvantaged conditions
  4. Research on health promotion for the community citizens
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