Curriculum Policy
Our curriculum is designed to foster highly-skilled medical professionals in nursing, physical and occupational therapy who, based on respect for life and dignity, are
  1. Equipped with high-quality education and ethical standards
  2. Motivated and creative, and equipped with high level of specialist knowledge and skills
  3. Able to practice team medicine and integrated care, and who can contribute to improving the quality of health services for the community
  4. Able to sustain critical mind in his or her professional field
  5. Equipped with the foundational knowledge and practical skills in their specialist field, to establish capacity as medical expertise, educators, and researchers
  6. Able to contribute to a wide variety of social and international activities
The curriculum comprises of subjects for general education, subjects for major and foundation subjects.  Furthermore, in order for the students to learn about the team approach to medicine, we have established integrated care subjects, as well as subjects jointly taken by students of nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and by students of medicine through-out the four years.
Image of Curriculum in the School of Health Sciences
Image of Curriculum in the School of Health Sciences