Mission Statement of Nagasaki University School of Health Science
We aim to develop top-class medical and health professionals, who, based upon their respect for human life and dignity, and equipped with specialist knowledge and skills of high level and quality, can contribute to the community from broad perspectives. 
Educational Goals
We aim to develop students
  1. Who are well educated and cultured, and have high ethical standards
  2. Who are equipped with high-level knowledge and skills, and who can think independently and creatively
  3. Who can contribute to improving the health of the community as part of a team
  4. Who can continue to hold a critical mind throughout his or her lifetime
  5. Who can collaborate with professionals from other fields, and
  6. Who can contribute in a wide variety of social and international medical and health activities.
Ideal Candidate
We welcome applications from those who
  1. Are highly motivated to contribute to the society as medical professionals or researchers.
  2. Behold a rich sense of humanity and well-educated mind, and who can show empathy to others.
  3. Behold fine academic base and intellectual curiosity.
  4. Can both work in a team and show leadership when asked. 
  5. Can think and act with an independent mind.
  6. Behold a global perspective and are motivated to contribute in international scenes.