Division of Occupational Therapy

Message from the Alumni

Miharadai Hospital, Nagasaki

I suspect it is the question of many prospective students what the job of the occupational therapist entails. It is said that occupational therapy is a form of rehabilitation that assists the patient in enabling what he/she “wants to do”, “has to do”, and “is expected to be able to do”. My current job is in a recovery rehabilitation hospital, where I work together with patients to set attainable targets, and perform rehabilitation every day towards home discharge. Whether the patient can lead a satisfying life after discharge is partly up to us occupational therapists, hence the job entails a responsibility that can determine the future life of the patient. However, after hard work with the patient, the shared joy we feel upon reaching the attained target, or when the patient thanks and tells me they are glad I had been their therapist, I feel I could not have chosen a more rewarding job. Assisting in bringing color into the lives of patients ? the role of the occupational therapist in my eyes.

Nagasaki welfare center for disability, Nagasaki

I currently offer treatment education and assistance to children from infants to middle school children. I make sure the children can enjoy the experience such that they can acquire necessary skills and confidence through play. Further, it is necessary to work closely with the children’s families so that I am aware of the environment surrounding the child (local preschools/ primary schools) and can cooperate with the staff of other professions. As I tune my method of approach to each child and put local resources to full use, I feel challenged every day as an operational therapist.
My wish is for the children to feel happy in their skin, and be able to feel positive towards others as well as their selves. This feeling will lead to acceptance of others and become strength to live their own life. Although I love working with people, I often feel I could do better. It is for this reason I love this job where I can continue to better myself together with the children rather than have a “teacher/student” relationship.

Working at a hospital, Nagasaki

At my hospital, we offer rehabilitation for those who suffer from permanent damage of strokes and serious neurological disorders.? We as occupational therapists aim to assist patients in a wide array of activities, from daily activities such as eating and changing clothes, to work-related activities such as doing housework and computer work, so that patients may smoothly (re)start their life after hospital discharge.? We therefore not only provide training during their stay, but also become involved in activities outside the hospital such as witnessing house renovation with the patient, or accompanying patients to practice activities at their own homes.? In the rehabilitation room, we have a Japanese room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a room for doing woodwork, and together with the patients, we think what kinds of activities may be appropriate for them.? We also exchange information and experiences thorough conferences with other professionals, and this gives me a great opportunity to find answers to questions which arise almost every day.? Occupational therapy is a wonderful job, where with your will and initiative, you can make a new discovery.? I truly hope that I can continue to enjoy my work as long as I can.?