Division of Occupational Therapy

Mission Statement

Our aim is to foster students -

  1. Who can contribute to the society through their cultured minds and rich understanding of medical ethics, and respect for human dignity,
  2. Who can understand the various diseases of the nervous and muscular system, the bones, the central nervous system and the cardiorespiratory system, and the status of disabilities arising from them
  3. Who will have acquired the knowledge and the skills occupational therapy and think and act with a logical mind,
  4. Who can practice team medicine and integrated care, and contribute to improving the quality of regional health services,
  5. Who can maintain their exploratory mind in their specialized field,
  6. Who will have an interdisciplinary mind, by acquiring the basic skills of practice, education and research in their specialized field and simultaneously the capacity to collaborate with other professionals, and
  7. Who as a specialist will be able to participate in a wide variety of social and international medical and health activities.