Division of Occupational Therapy

Message from the Resident Students
E.N. 3rd year in Occupational Therapy
Because we are a small class, it was very easy to form close and friendly relationships not only with fellow students but also the teaching staff.  I was able to study and experience other aspects of university life in a very comfortable environment.  Lectures and practicum are not always a breeze、but they certainly broadened my world.  I invite you to join us, to share the same goal, and truly work hard and play hard!
Y.M. 2nd year in Occupational Therapy
As I entered my second year, the lectures are becoming more specialized and I have finally started to understand what occupation therapy really means.  I have certainly become a lot more interested in this profession, and also a little more confident about how to pursue my dream.  Not only learning, but being able to share the same time with fellow students from a variety of background, is sure to become a big personal wealth.  I hope to continue experiencing many things, think for myself, and develop not only as a medical professional but also as a person.